Advanced Digital & Offset Printing Produced With Speed, Accuracy & Attention To Every Detail.

From small press runs, medium sized jobs and special sizes, to larger, more complicated printing projects, Raff has the in-house printing presses and the hands-on, start-to-finish print management experience necessary to maximize your print investment. And create dazzling, memorable results.

Custom Printing Services

Proven Print Processes And Outstanding Print Results For Over 70 Years.

At Raff Printing, our in-house printing capability is second to none – and perfect for almost any size type of print project imaginable. High-end Ricoh press. Advanced HP Indigo digital print systems. Premium Heidelberg four-color and six-color offset presses. Jet envelope press. And so much more!

It all starts in our digital pre-press department where every job at Raff originates. Each file is meticulously prepared, color balanced and digitally plated – before being directed to the ideal press for your print project.

Learn more about Raff’s commitment to advanced print technology and color management here!

High Volume Printing

Printing Products, Services & Selection From Raff

If it can be communicated in any way via printed materials, odds are Raff has produced it at some point over our 60+ year history.

  • Magazines, Books & Annual Reports
  • Stock & Customized Direct Mail Printing
  • Flyers, Brochures & Corporate Communications
  • Point Of Sale, Promotions & Advertising
  • Business Cards, Business Collateral & Stationery

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Print & Prepress Customer Support FAQs

What are the best file types for my print submissions?

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and High-Quality Print prepared Adobe PDFs are recommended so long as all fronts are embedded. Consult with your sales representative in advance prior to packaging, zipping, and transmitting print files.

We can work with many file types, but it is helpful to know in advance what software and type of file you are planning to submit.

What resolution and color mode should I use to prepare my print files?

All color files should be CMYK (not RGB), as RGB conversion does not always yield the intended colors.

All images should be 300 dpi. Please edit and resize imagery in your choice photo manipulation software PRIOR to importing images into your final design file.

Are margins and bleeds necessary?

Margins and bleeds are design choices, not requirements. However, if you use them, be certain they are consistent and indicated.

As a general rule of thumb, all bleeds (colors and images extending beyond the actual page's planned physical border) should be set to a uniform width of 1/8th inch beyond the page border.

Should I submit my artwork as single pages or spreads?

Yes, however, you should not confuse one with the other. A spread extends across two separate pages (or multiple separate pages) and should be designed as such within your design software. Single pages are exactly what you think they are—single pages or two-sided pages--but also require your design software setup properly (crops, margins, bleeds, 300 dpi images, etc.)

NOTE: Be wary of multiple spreads within a booklet—there is a difference between a print layout and a printer spread layout based on how many pages your book will be. We can explain this better over a quick call rather than write it down—it’s printer-thinking that formats pages based on their location in a book or booklet.

Does Raff provide standardized print templates to their customers?

Absolutely—upon request. Our customers often look for a “standard” type of print product—a flyer, a one-page trifold brochure, a roll fold, a pocket folder, an X number of pages booklet, etc.

We are more than willing to share die lines and examples from past projects to assist you in setting up your own. Just ask your sales representative or prepress contact in advance.

Can Raff help me make changes to my art files?

To a certain extent?  Absolutely. We will let you know if your image, content and/or design file passes our pre-press quality control — and if not, we will let you know what needs to be altered, edited or changed in order to give you the best print output possible. Sometimes those changes are relatively simple—and we generally can make those for you upon request with nominal or no charge.

When changes are more significant (you need a higher resolution image, you need to make substantive text or layout changes, or you are missing a critical element like a bleed, etc.)…it is often easier and more cost-effective to make those changes yourself prior to submitting a final revised file.

Can I view my proofs in person?

Proofs are initially provided via email or “cloud” share as a print-ready .pdf file and must be approved by you prior to Raff moving forward with your project. However, you are welcome to be present during your press run in order to press-check printed finals in person. We also offer hard-copy proofs on request.

What do I need to know about my project to prepare proper files for pre-press?

The good news is, the more you know at the beginning, the better off you’ll be. But if there’s an element or requirement you do not understand or are not comfortable with, Raff will work with you to help guide your file creation and preparation. Contact your sales rep or in-house project manager.

Here’s a basic list:

  • Type of project
  • Number of pages, if applicable.
  • Quantity.
  • Type of paper.
  • Type of coating.
  • Are bleeds required?
  • Do you have imagery and logos available at 300 dpi.
  • What design software will you use to prepare your file?
  • Will you submit a print-ready .pdf instead?
  • Do you have elements of personalization/customization like images or data that uses variable data?
  • What is your anticipated “turnaround” time? (when do you need your product—we work backward from that date when developing a schedule.)

How can we put our remarkable variety of printing presses and experience to work for you?

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47 years at Raff. 41 years at Raff. 33 years at Raff... Our people are our heart!

Many Have Been With Raff Printing So Long, We Really Are A Family.

Ron Loreski, Jr.  - Jet Press/Envelope Operator
Ron Loreski, Jr.
Jet Press/Envelope Operator
Years With Raff: 34

"We key on quality. We don’t want garbage going out of the building. You want a product? We’re going to give you that product and then some. We’re into our job—that’s why we’ve been here so long."

Jason Stoker - Shipping Supervisor
Jason Stoker
Shipping Supervisor
Years With Raff: Since Highschool

"I’ve worked here all my life. I knew some people that got me in the door. I started in the bindery shrink-wrapping… now I handle all the UPS, FEDEX, freight shipments and driver coordination."

Image of Harry Bard - Production Manager at Raff Printing
Harry Bard
Production Manager
Years With Raff: 38

Our guys seriously take pride in their work. They want everyone to have an excellent finished product. People stay here for a reason—me? I enjoy work, it’s close to home, and Raff treats me well. What’s not to love?

Dan Butler - Indigo Digital Press Operator
Dan Butler
Indigo Digital Press Operator
Years With Raff: 31

"I know how hard I work, and I see how hard my friends work, and I believe…we’ll put our workmanship up against anybody. Not just in the city or the state or the country, but on the whole planet.”

Ron Loreski, III - Variable Data/Mail Operator
Ron Loreski, III
Variable Data/Mail Operator
Years With Raff: 10

"My dad brought me in after high school and I’ve been here ever since. It’s like a family, really. I’ve been here 10 years and I’m probably the third newest employee! People stick together here."

Tim Hackel - Mail Operator
Tim Hackel
Mail Operator
Years With Raff: 15

"We’re full service. Really. If you come in with a mail piece, print, bind, address and mail, all in house. It all gets done. Done right. Right here.”

Image of Keith Wank - Warehouse Manager at Raff Printing
Keith Wank
Warehouse Manager + More
Years With Raff: 32

I’ve been at Raff Printing for 32+ years. It has been a long and interesting journey — it’s more like working with family rather than fellow employees. I think ultimately that’s the Raff secret.

Mike Stull - Prepress Supervisor
Mike Stull
Prepress Supervisor
Years With Raff: 20

"Everything that comes in? We treat it as if it’s our most important job. We pay attention to make sure it gets done right. We call out file problems to clients and agencies because we care if it looks good."

Image of Josh Ziegler - Bindery Specialist at Raff Printing
Josh Ziegler
Bindery Specialist
Years With Raff: 4

I enjoy working here with the people I work with every day. We’ve got father-and-son teams working here and there, including our ownership. That says something about a place. Raff is just a nice company to work for.